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NUINX is the field we saw our seeds into. Founded on years of experience, our digital contemporary collages express our social consciousness and define our values of compassion, empowerment and breaking boundaries for various communities in society today.

The original Artworks displayed in this Limited Edition framework; Up to ten copies of each, printed on quality paper *. Each work is signed, numbered and dated by NUINX.

The result is a unique visual-cultural experience of the 'other' and her/his/their rights to freedom and equality.

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Kneeoneck II | 2022 | Digital collage | Print on paper | 72x36 inches (total), 24x36 inches (each).

(09:29) Nine minutes and twenty nine seconds. George Floyd’s murder served as a catalyst for this series of works – ‘Kneeoneck’. A hard and violent action that corresponds with a wider theme that drives my creative process: “The other” (or perhaps “The perception of the other”), emphasizing the need for equality.

This piece of artwork mirrors the condition of our society. It is designed to trigger the spectators’ critical perspective and to evoke questions of identity and the acceptance of others.

In the center of each part of the triptych there is a hero\ine who is set in an old, narrow-minded, traditional, patriarchal world, which is contrasted with the iconic figure and its situation - a feminine, black, contemporary representation.


Kneeoneck I | 2022 | Digital collage | Print on paper | 72x36 inches (total), 24x36 inches (each).

Wandering afloat from Indiana to the hunting fields of Essex, a generation-old “strange fruit” - seeks change. The main image in this work is an African-American woman who confronts the privileged, chauvinistic representation of society, as she turns her back to the spectator.         

The image of the head: With her iconic trimmed nape she has a disruptive effect on the masculine warrior in armor. Her very presence and her shape “dress him up” with a skirt, challenging his typical representation. 

The two complementary images of the triptych on the left and on the right also meddle with the privileged masculine hegemony, thus inviting the spectator to reflect upon the perception of the other. The three images and the way they are positioned represent the freedom  to show initiative   by individuals in society.    

The three images and the way they are positioned represents the freedom to have initiative of individuals in our society.


Revel | 2022 | Digital collage | Print on paper | 72x36 inches (total), 24x36 inches (each).

What defines you as “The other”? And what satisfies you – is it being accepted as you are?

This work  leaves a breadcrumbs trail of feminine, personal development. The images in this work and the relationship between them create a composition that resembles a dream-like elevation – between the permanent and the temporary.  

The work criticizes society’s demand for labeling and clear definitions. The central image provides an example. It is designed like a negative stenciled cutout. The image is floating; its position – undetermined.


Verge | 2022 | Digital collage | Print on paper | 72x36 inches (total), 24x36 inches (each).

The image of Athena-Medusa, a two-headed figure, is walking on the challenging verge of an imaginary space. The figure looks into herself but her image is split, as if holding on - in her awareness - to her place in the void of her existence.


All artworks Paper specifications:

Paper thickness: 10.3 mil • Paper weight: 5.57 oz/y² (189 g/m²) • Giclée printing quality • Opacity: 94% • ISO brightness: 104% • Blank product sourced from Japan.